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Intermodal Management

Smart E-Nav is ready to apply our considerable expertise in structuring a holistic operational strategy to improve port efficiency, customer satisfaction and process management.

We Will Optimize:

  • Planning and control of product moving and storage

  • Depot stock management, dividable for each hub (owned and 3rd party stock)

  • Loading and unloading of all modes of transport (truck, rail, ship, pipeline)

  • Support rail, truck and barge movement

  • Extensive check-in controls

  • Ensure compliance with legislation and safety regulations

  • Security management (trucks and drivers)

  • Establish safety procedures (ex., prevent overloading)

  • Integration with all types of equipment

  • Integration of ERP and SAP systems

  • Automatic generation of product receipts and goods issued

  • Tax and customs handling (certified for EMCS 2.3)

  • Complete end-to-end supply chain management

  • Easy-to-use configurable report generator to deliver customized reports

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