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Marine & Dry Port Management

Overall Management and Governance

  • Execute the policy decisions of the Board.

  • Manage day-to-day operations by providing clear leadership and guidance to all functions of the institution through the Management team.

  • Cultivate a culture of cooperation and high performance.

  • Drive organizational performance, both quantitative and qualitative; achieve business plan targets and objectives.

  • Set standards of risk management at all levels and ensure effective control and management oversight.

  • Sustain the institution’s social mission and its dedication to financial goals and social performance standards.


Strategic Planning and Business Development

  • Develop annual and longer-term plans and budgets, incorporating input from the different departments for approval by the Board.

  • Oversee the implementation of budgets and strategic plans, including fundraising.

  • Set financial and operational performance targets for all key operating units.

  • Set employee performance standards required to achieve short and long-term objectives and goals.

  • Lead development of new products and markets.

Human Resources and Talent Development

  • Continue to build a strong senior management team; mentor and coach the team.

  • Spearhead the implementation of a performance management system for the senior management team.

  • Oversee the development of effective HR policies and procedures for recruitment, training and talent development.

  • Motivate all staff and ensure that staff is dedicated to the mission of the Group.

Communications and External Stakeholder Relations

  • Dialog, Inform and actively participate with Board and all board committees.

  • Ensure quality information flow to the Board, investors, regulators and stakeholders.

  • Maintain solid relations with shareholders and external financial and business partners.


Successfully reduced the OPEX in several ports by $2 million equivalent to 28% to the initial OPEX by implementing a terminal optimization plan, rate negotiation with suppliers, reducing headcount without jeopardizing service quality, increasing local revenue from chassis detention charges and reducing port drayage to inland terminals.

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