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Planning and management of rail, truck and barge movement to avoid delays and accidents while maintaining compliance.

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Pursuing collaborations that enhance current operational objectives and proactively capitalize upon emerging opportunities.

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Integrating smart port and ship intelligence with best practices in international port security protocols.



Smart E-Nav is your one-stop shop for advanced port management, implementing processes that increase efficiencies and security and reduce costs.

With a strong background in port management, including North and South America,Europe & Asia, we have the deep knowledge, skills and experience to design and implement solutions that return great value for the investment.


- We are commended for demonstrating strong skills and reducing insurance premium

- Proactively managing time-sensitive projects

- Develop innovative solutions to critical problems

- Balance stakeholder and Company expectations 

- Work collaboratively with team members to establish efficient systems of operation cost-effectively

- Executed several highly profitable projects with budgets over USD$90 million

- Work with our team to manage the accounts of prestigious international ports and key clients

- Possess strong understanding of statistics and quality improvement techniques

- Contribute successfully to OPEX reduction and determining ROI



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